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Welcome to Compassionate 
Grief Coaching Services

It's possible to be good again

First, if you've lost a loved one, please accept our most sincere condolences for your loss. Honoring your journey is important to us.


The only reason we grieve is because we love! 

Professional, compassionate support in the form of Grief Coaching makes the difference. Open yourself to the normal, natural responses thereby giving yourself permission to feel what and how YOU feel. You will learn to navigate and thrive in your new sense of self. 


The way out of grief is through it!

With our tools, processes and professional guidance, your life can be good again.




One-on-One Coaching




Small Groups of no more than seven people




Custom Designed with You!


The personal service allows for a custom designed process, specifically geared toward your particular grief circumstances. This option is also recommended if your grief journey is considered complex (multiple losses within a short period of time, severe reactions, the pain of loss is not subsiding after your definition of a long period of time, etc.).


You also have the privacy that accompanies one-on-one access to the Certified Coach. The experience begins with a minimum five (5) week, once per week commitment. The first session is one hour and thirty minutes long and subsequent sessions are an hour. The schedule is negotiated with your Coach. 

In this small group, you will experience a well-organized set of exercises that provoke introspection that facilitates your deep dive to sort out feelings that no one gave you permission to take space for before now. You will complete a self-assessment and join your new friends through a series of activities that will shift your thinking about your loved ones and re-position you for living a full, vibrant life again. Unlike other experiences that promote an end to your relationship with your loved one, our approach helps re-frame the relationship such that it brings you joy, not pain. This is all possible in the five (5) weeks we will spend together, and you gain the added benefit of group sharing, confirming you are not alone.

We have received unique requests that required our experienced Coaches to custom design a grief support process.  Families, Educational and Community Services organizations and the like have asked us to design grief support services for their members and other associated with a beloved someone.

We create effective life celebrations that honor loved ones, sometimes in private settings that provide for personal processing and sharing in a space of communities of membership. Please click here for more information   


This program is not based on a conceptual, or intellectual perspective; does not attempt to fix or cure grief; and does not imply or provide professional counseling or therapy

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