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is unique in that we provide multiple services in many segments of the marketplace with a sole mission to Enhance the Quality of Being! Whether it is an organization, a corporate or municipal entity or an individual, our services are designed to understand who you are today and who you wish to be tomorrow and help you arrive at your chosen destination successfully. 

The Waterfall Consulting Group provides professional services that are meaningful in any environment or person that is focused on enhancing levels of excellence in the areas of people development and process improvement. 

Waterfall Publishing produces books and other materials that help individuals and organizations look beyond the visible into the realms of possibility and be inspired to be and do more than the average. 

Waterfall Coaching For the Extraordinary produces expertly curated experiences to help organizations and individuals reach life and organizational goals and.

After all the efforts to be successful and make a difference in the world, there is Selah Specialties which focuses on the personal experience of relaxation, reflection and self care, whether alone or in a small group setting. 

Our goal is to focus on the wholeness of you and/or your organization and Inspire and Deliver Excellence. Come take a look into the world of Waterfall Enterprises, LLC...








Stephanie Dinalle Rolle

Chief Executive Officer

Vibrant, Energetic, Smart and Excited about Life! That's our visionary and Chief Executive Officer. She created Waterfall Enterprises, LLC because the contribution she wants to make is inspired, multi-dimensional and dynamic. With more than 30 years of professional and diverse experience she embraces our changing world with innovative ideas, a fresh approach and a vast base of knowledge. Stephanie's collection of professional experiences include domestic and international market assessments (Brazil and Western Canada); the establishment of new business entities (domestic, Canada and South Africa) and she has made successful impact in corporate, municipal government, faith based and non-profit positions. She is skilled in the areas of strategic planning, organizational development; training and development, marketing, leadership development, human resources management, executive and professional coaching, special events, special projects management and community engagement. A sought after consultant with a client list that has included institutions of higher learning, for-profit, non-profit and faith based organizations as well as municipalities. 

Our visionary earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida A  & M University and has begun work on a Masters of Divinity at Shaw Divinity school. A customer-focused, success-oriented consultant, certified trainer, insightful facilitator, gifted speaker, effective master coach, and published author, her clients have glowing recommendations for her work. Her deep desire is to develop talent, inspire achievement and facilitate successful outcomes for her customers. Call today to explore how we can help you win!

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The Waterfall Consulting Group uses a consultative approach to service that offers expertise in enhancing business practices. This approach allows us to provide services to meet your specified, customized, desired outcomes in the following areas of expertise:

Strategic Planning

Creating/Revising Mission and Vision Statements

Design of Organizational Values

Establishment of Goals & Objectives

Change Management


Business Development

Business Start-Up Coaching

Business Plans

Organizational Development

Growth/Scale Planning & Management

Brand Development

Performance Management

Cascading the Mission & Vision into the Organization

Development of Performance Objectives

Design Performance Evaluation Tools

Performance Coaching Programs

Accountability Training


Training & Development/Facilitation

Custom Designed Training Workshops/Seminars & Series

Executive Retreats (for Planning, Training and Goal Setting)

Presentations (on a variety of topics)

Coaching & Professional Assessment

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Female Executives & Professionals

Coaching for Transition (Change Management)

Skills Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Call for a free consultation today (561-215-6775)

Our Story
Waterfall Consulting Group

Welcome to Waterfall Publishing

Books that stimulate the mind, inspire the soul and feed the spirit are Waterfall books!



It was the summer of 2015 in Atlanta, GA, and she was in the middle of her wilderness experience...until...she went to see the movie War Room. The author left the theater and headed straight to the store. She purchased everything she needed which included a small wooden bench, a pillow, a rug, a little lamp and a large metal cross (embellished with jewels, of course).


She went home and drug those bags upstairs to the front guest bedroom of the home she was living in and, much like the character in the movie, pulled all of her shoe boxes out of the walk-in closet and set up her own personal War Room. She pulled in a source of music, candles, her Bible, an ink pen and one of her wonderful journals and her world changed forever. Already a praying woman, she made it her daily intention to enter that War Room each morning (before the sun came up) and her prayer life immediately intensified and her life experience went to another level, solidifying her ability to have a more personal relationship with God,


From that day to this one, God has downloaded powerful jewels that changed her understanding, grew her faith and she is now delivering the first treasure trove of jewels to you. Her new prayer life continues to produce power, wisdom and breakthrough. It will do the same for you. Stephanie's prayer is that you are blessed beyond measure and empowered to live your best life by the first of the War Room Chronicles books: Jewels for Grace-Filled Living. Pre-order yours TODAY!

Stephanie Dinalle Rolle, Author

More than five years in the making, Stephanie

delivers a emotionally honest examination of

how love shows up in the every day and does

the work only it can do. Everyone who lives for

a while will experience tough times and painful

challenges because that's what life offers up.

The highs are so wonderful and enjoyable and

the lows are just that...very low.

It's pretty easy to see and experience love when life is going well. The challenge this book issues is for you to live sensitive to the awareness that love is present and active and doing its amazing work even when the days are dark.

Stephanie has survived the loss of her entire immediate family within two and one half years, the physical and emotional abuse of a husband, a subsequent divorce, sudden illness, the loss of a successful business, rape and breast cancer. Through it all, she never lost her faith in the fact that God loves her beyond measure. As a matter of fact, with each challenge she dug into her faith for the anchor it claimed it would be and it held. Fabulously!

Emerging, like a beautiful phoenix, she knows that her life was created for serving others and with this book, she has become the credible witness that steps the reader through a way to make it through just about anything. "Love really is the glue that holds the universe together, if we would just recognize and embrace its power", says Stephanie. "Love is always communicating because what it has to say will save the world. Listen!"



Waterfall Publishing
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